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A. R. Enterprises ......... Introduction


A. R. Enterprises started Computer Parts’ Business in Al-Hafeez Centre, Lahore during 1990s and earned Distributions from world renowned companies including A4Tech & Zoltrix in a very short period.

In late 1990s when the 21st Century was being expected to be the CCTV century, ARE started shifting its business to CCTV & SECURITY equipments and inaugurated its show room at ground floor, Ahmad Arcade, Ferozepur Road, Lahore with the name DIGITAL SECURITY SYSTEMS.
DIGITAL SECURITY SYSTEMS provided quality CCTV equipments not only to Government Institutions including Pakistan Army, Intelligence, Air Force, A Q Khan Labs etc but also to Semi Government and private sector directly or indirectly through its dealers.
Now, in 2012, with decades of experience in the related fields, a new show room is being inaugurated in order to meet the demand of quality products by quality-conscious people who need to keep their home, office or factory etc. under their eyes through their Laptop or Mobile even when they are thousands of miles away from their place. This web site is intended to facilitate them with Cash Counter prices and product brochures of the available and coming products.
We hope to get the due encouragement and appreciation from our prospective clients who will be using our high quality products of Taiwan & Korea.
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